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mjworks is a full-service technology consulting firm with a special focus and passion growing startups in Connecticut. With 20 years of outstanding leadership and development experience between them, the two founders of mjworks are excited to take on the unique challenges that new innovative companies present.

Technology Consulting Services

Technology Advisor

The technology landscape is huge and changing rapidly. Leverage us for our expert insight and learn from our experiences. As a technology advisor, we’ll work with you to map out a measurable development strategy and identify execution risks. We are your sounding board and your guide you navigate unknown unknowns of creating your company.

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We solve problems, we increase value and we improve insight. It just so happens, writing software is how we accomplish this. At mjworks, we have over 20 years of experience building successful products and solving interesting problems. Leverage us to help automate those tedious manual tasks or to create that new mobile product.

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Due Diligence

Whether you are investing in or partnering with another company, you need to understand what you are buying into. In the due diligence process, we take on the difficult task of reviewing a company’s technology stack from a third-party perspective. Our goal in this process is to identify risks, quantify quality and separate fact from fiction.

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